Storage Lithium-ion Battery

Our Storage Lithium-ion Battery applies international advanced technology, which is safety reliable, pollution free, long life-cycle, no limitation of geography and bright application. We have cumulated rich experience in over several years of practice in storage fields. Our product mainly applies for new-energy wind power station, island intelligence micro-internet, unity of solar-light construction, home storage module and other storage programs.

Our market network has been formed in East China, Northern China and North East China. With parts of production also exported to Germany, Italy, Canada and other Countries.

Characteristics :

  • High energy (165Wh per Kg, which is three times than lead-acid battery);
  • Light weight (capacity is 75% lighter than lead-acid compared with the same model);
  • Wider range of adaptive-temperature (-20-+55℃) ;
  • Long life-cycle (over 2000 times for the Mn-Co-Ni system, over 3000 times for the LiFePO4)
  • Low rate of self-discharge (Monthly discharge less than 1.5%);
  • No memory effect (charge-discharge usage anytime);
  • Pollution free (no poison material)


Specifications :

Texture of Material Production Type Nominal Voltage Assembly Volume (mm) Weight (kg) Upper Bond Voltage of Charge Lower Bond Voltage of Discharge
NiCoMn 12V40AH 11.1V 3S & 20P 130*230*80 3.0 12.6V 9.0V
NiCoMn 12V60AH 11.1V 3S & 30P 190*230*80 4.3 12.6V 9.0V
NiCoMn 12V80AH 11.1V 3S & 40P 210*270*80 5.8 12.6V 9.0V
NiCoMn 24V75AH 22.2V 6S & 36P 190*280*150 10.5 25.2V 18.0V
NiCoMn 72V25AH 74V 20S & 12P 210*280*150 11.8 84.0V 60.0V
LiFePO4 12V30AH 12.8V 4S & 2P 95*195*210 3.8 14.6V 10.0V
LiFePO4 12V45AH 12.8V 4S & 3P 95*195*300 5.6 14.6V 10.0V
LiFePO4 12V80AH 12.8V 4S & 6P 190*195*300 11.5 14.6V 10.0V
LiFePO4 12V100AH 12.8V 4S & 7P 190*195*345 13.5 14.6V 10.0V
LiFePO4 12V120AH 12.8V 4S & 8P 190*195*400 15 14.6V 10.0V
LiFePO4 60V45AH 64V 20S & 3P 275*195*490 28.0 73.0V 50.0V