Off – grid PV system

There is also PV system that is fully independent to the electrical grid. This is the so called off-grid PV system, which requires the solar panels to produce enough electricity to cover 100% of the energy needs. Most homes, for example, have higher electricity demand in the evening or at night, so off-grid systems usually incorporate with either a battery (to store energy produced during the day) or backup source of energy (like a generator), or both. Off-grid systems are more complex and less flexible than on-grid ones so as well they are more expensive concerning constructing, service and maintenance.


  • Become fully energy independent
  • Eliminate the problems of grid blackouts
  • Hedge yourself against future utility increases

Off – grid PV system components:

  • PV panel/s
  • Battery bank
  • Charge controllers (to protect the battery bank from overcharge)
  • Inverter
  • Required electrical safety gear (i.e. fuses, breakers, disconnects)
  • Monitoring system to balance energy consumption with production

Common Applications:

  • Sites where the electricity is too expensive
  • Locations where liquid fuel costs are too high
  • Sites that cannot afford power loss or outages